Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In a dispute? We`ve got your back.

If you are involved in a dispute, Priest Legal can help. We have the team to act for you whatever the nature, size or complexity of your claim, or of the claim against you. Our aim is to provide common sense advice and to deliver the best available outcome for you whatever the circumstances, in the most cost effective way.

We have experience in most areas of civil practice, including commercial law disputes affecting individuals and businesses, contract disputes, employment disputes and all levels of litigation in the Supreme, District and Local Courts of NSW.

We can also assist if you have been injured or if you believe you are entitled to compensation as a result of negligence.



Taking court action to resolve a dispute can be expensive and time consuming. We may be able to assist you in mediating a solution that benefits everybody.

Mediation is an informal process that allows people involved in a dispute to discuss their differences in privacy, with a mediator guiding the discussion. The mediator will assist you to work out the real issues in the dispute and to make an objective assessment of the best way to resolve the issues.

Mediation is a confidential process, and any agreement reached is binding. Because the parties must agree to any resolution, there are no winners or losers, and it is possible for everybody to be happy with the compromise reached. Mediation is an excellent option when the parties to a dispute will need to continue to work together, or where maintaining a continuing relationship is important.

Priest Legal team. Port Macquarie and Wauchope. Pic: Lindsay Moller Photography

Mediation may assist in disputes involving:

  • Family members
  • Neighbours
  • Business partners
  • Employees or employer and employee
  • Trading partners
  • Members of volunteer associations
  • Retirement village issues
  • Issues that arise in smaller communities
  • Issues that arise between organisations, countries, states, or Between departments
  • Tenant and landlord
  • Between companies