Priest Legal provides the experience and local knowledge to make your property transaction simple and stress free. Our friendly staff will guide you through all aspects of your sale or purchase, and will keep you up to date and informed at all stages of the process.

In addition to buying or selling a home, we are able to assist with the sale or purchase of rural properties, transfers of title, property development and subdivisions, residential, retail or commercial leasing, and general property advice.

Priest Legal is a PEXA registered firm providing the benefits of electronic settlements   to our clients, including online tracking of your transaction, same day registration, and faster access to cleared settlement funds.

Priest Legal handle over 700 conveyances a year. In the forefront of this busy conveyancing service are Melissa Kennedy and Joy Brinklow – licensed conveyancers supported by lawyers and a team of support staff of Ali, Tanya and Belinda.

Meet Melissa Kennedy.

Melissa is an experienced licensed conveyancer who has trained with experienced lawyers at Priest Legal like Alan Priest, Emilie Cooper and the late Brendan Lewis. Melissa knows the local area of Port Macquarie and Wauchope well. Melissa has the personal touch wanting to make sure that every conveyance is properly handled from beginning to end and that every client is happy with the process.

Contact Melissa on 65 831777 or email her at

Meet Joy Brinklow.

Joy is new to the area and Priest Legal. Joy has only recently qualified but she has hit the ground running. Joy was dux of the Macquarie University graduating class of 2015. Joy is committed to making sure that the conveyancing process runs as smoothly as possible for clients of Priest Legal.

Contact Joy on 6583 1777 or email her at



There is no significant cost differential between conveyancing services provided by conveyancers or lawyers but there are benefits in having conveyancers supported by lawyers.


If complex legal issues arise in a conveyance at Priest Legal, our conveyancers have experienced lawyers available to advise and act as necessary. They also help to resolve the issue to our client’s benefit.


Our conveyancing service assists Priest Legal’s family law clients when a property needs to be sold or transferred. Keeping the matter within Priest Legal enables a smooth transition and less opportunity for communication problems. Priest Legal’s family law lawyers, led by Loris Hendy, are able to ssist with exemption of stamp duty requirements and ensuring that any proceeds of the sale of a property are properly distributed in accordance with any family law orders or agreements.


Together with Priest Legal’s commercial lawyers, Jeremy Brigden and Nicholas Lawton, we are able to ensure that when a commercial property is sold or purchased, associated complex legal issues such as Capital Gains Tax, GST, land tax, transfer of leases and so forth are properly considered and dealt with so that issues do not arise at a later stage.


The transfer or sale of property in an estate is efficient and cost effective when Priest Legal are also acting in the administration of the estate. Issues such as capital gains tax, stamp duty and to whom the property is to be transferred are quickly and expertly dealt with by our estate lawyers led by Alan Priest.


If you are selling

  • Advise Priest Legal, your conveyancer or solicitor, that you are selling so they can prepare the proposed sale contract for you and discuss the documentation that you need.
  • Good documentation makes for a good sale. Make sure that your property is compliant with Council regulations.
  • Fix the things that need fixing.
  • Make the property look good – first impressions count.
  • Engage a real estate agent that you like and feel comfortable with.

If you are buying

  • Consider the entity that you are buying the property in- Eg as an individual, company, superannuation fund. If there are two or more individuals, consider whether you are purchasing as joint tenants or tenants in common- we will advise you as to the merits of each if you are unsure.
  • Make sure that you have enough money for the purchase, the conveyancing and moving costs and the stamp duty.
  • Follow the advice of your conveyancer or solicitor and carry out the necessary checks and inspections.
  • For rural properties, make sure that there is legal access to the property and that the house is within the boundaries.


“Lots” is the short answer. The long answer is...

As a vendor you must

  • Provide a clear land tax certificate.
  • Declare your swimming pool non-compliant or provide a certificate of
  • Make sure your septic tank (if you have one) is registered and compliant.
  • Provide evidence of identity and citizenship status

As a purchaser you must

  • Provide evidence of identity and citizenship status
  • Sign a purchaser declaration.
  • Be aware of foreign resident capital gains withholding measures for property worth $750,000 or more.

PEXA and electronic conveyancing are still in their infancy but electronic settlements are growing fast. At Priest Legal we are proud to be in the forefront of this new development which will hopefully make the whole process of transferring money and title a lot simpler for all our clients.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the area of law concerned with the transfer of property. It includes buying, selling, changing ownership details, obtaining a mortgage, or making any other change to the title of your property.

For more information on what buying or selling your property involves please use the links below:

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